How to be more productive when studying

Focus on one task

Focusing on one task will make it faster and better. Our brain does not work well in multitasking mode.

Learn to say no

There are a lot of temptations like your phone, internet, going out with friends, etc. Only the ability to say no will save you time, health, money, and make you happy.

Plan your studying productivity

A productive week starts on Monday morning and a clear action plan. Undoubtedly, you will have unexpected cases, but the plan will always keep you on our toes.

A bitter morning pill

Start every new day with the task you hate and want to do the least. After fulfilling it, the rest of the day will be easy and joyful.

Compare your achievements

Do not compare yourself with others, but compare the methods used by you and successful students. Learn from others. Look for ideas and get good habits by watching them.

A finished assignment is better than perfection

Striving for the ideal is a noble wish. But perfectionism is the main enemy of productivity. It is even worse than laziness. Just try to make the best you can, but don’t overdo it.

Get started earlier

The sooner you start working, the more you have time. Learn to get up early, have breakfast and solve some personal problems before the start of the studying day. The fewer questions you have in your head, the more efficiently you will be able to concentrate.

Schedule a time to relax

Study well and rest well. But do not mix one with the other. While studying, entirely devote yourself to assignments, and completely forget about it on weekends. You and your brain need a break.

Learn to prioritize

Think like an emergency doctor: what needs to be done urgently right now? Choose a task and focus on it entirely. The rest can wait.