9 Tips How to Write an Outstanding Essay

Essays are considerble part of your academic application process. It indicates how good you know the subject of study and how are you in expressing your arguments and ideas. The following 10 steps will help you to create an outstanding script.


You should gather as much as possible information about the given subject. You must know exactly what you want to write about. Create a list of questions you need to give answers for.

Make it interesting

Write a catchy introduction. You may start with a story or an example. It will make the reader curious about what will happen next or how you gonna present some arguments or evidence. It is extremely important to keep it interesting for the reader.

Structurize the text

One of the most struggling things to do is organize your thoughts in a way they are easy to read. Your ideas must have a beginning, middle, and conclusion. Nobody wants to put any additional efforts in understanding what is the idea you are trying to transmit through the paper.

Smooth passing between paragraphs

The transition between passages should fell natural. They must easy “flow” one into each other. In the other words you thoughts must be linked between each other.

Clear conclusion

The conclusion must contain a short explanation of what was written. It should be clear, concise, and to the point. Just go through the essay and pick up a few thoughts generalizing the main paragraphs.

Avoid using cliches

Cliches might kill all individuality of your essay and make it look like you try to copy somebody else.

Control sentence length

It is hard to read long sentences. Also, it may play a bad joke with you as original though can get lost. Remove unnecessary words. Simply writing long sentences to make the essay appear longer won’t help you as well as too short sentences. The last ones will last the impression of an unfinished thought.


Check your text for any typos, spelling errors or missing commas.

Read aloud

While you are reading through the entire essay, don’t stop to rewrite the parts, but do underline or circle parts that need to be changed or examined more closely.

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